Measuring corruption in India

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Let’s have a look at the level of corruption in India in the past few years.

Fig. 1 Global Integrity Index
Fig. 1 is the data from the Global Integrity report which measures legal framework of a country and the actual implementation of the framework associated with all things related to corruption. More the value less is the corruption. The data for 2005 and 2008 are missing. The integrity index should be interpreted as -
  • Very strong (90+)
  • Strong (80+)
  • Moderate (70+)
  • Weak (60+)
  • Very Weak (< 60)

Hence India is fluctuating between weak and moderate integrity.

Fig. 2 Percentage paying bribes
Fig. 2 is prepared with data from the Global CorruptionBarometer which shows what percentage of the survey respondents gave a bribe. Data for 2007 is missing. It is interesting to see that the percentage shot up suddenly in 2009. Wonder why?

Fig. 3 Corruption Perception index of India
Fig. 3 shows the Corruption perception index of Transparency International. More value indicates less corruption.

There has been gradual decrease in the level of corruption across the years but some may say it’s not enough. Will the anti-corruption movement change the scene. We have to wait and see.


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