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Posted: Saturday, September 17, 2011 | Posted by Debajyoti Datta |

I have written a post on numbers needed to treat over at the doc2doc clinical blog of BMJ. Here is an excerpt, go ahead and have a read –
The NNT or number needed to treat is a useful way to report binary outcomes of RCTs. NNT gives us an easy to understand statistic. It can also be used to present results of continuous variables by converting them to dichotomous variables. NNT can be defined as the reciprocal of the absolute risk reduction (ARR) or NNT=1/ARR. ARR is the difference between the absolute risk of the control group (ARC) and the absolute risk of the treatment group (ART) or NNT=1/ (ARC - ART). The value of NNT can lie between 1 to +∞ for a beneficial effect and -1 to -∞ for harmful effect. Read more.


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