Naturopathy and Blasphemy

Posted: Thursday, August 5, 2010 | Posted by Debajyoti Datta |

The guiding principles of naturopathy left me shocked. According to the Department of Ayush that promotes naturopathy, bacteria do not cause disease. Do they really believe it? Is Tuberculosis not caused by bacteria? May be they ought to look at the millions of TB bacilli multiplying within the lungs of TB patients, then the truth will dawn on them. I wonder if these practitioners of naturopathy have ever studied biology, leave alone medicine as even a student of class eight will tell you that bacteria causes disease. All their blasphemy can viewed here  All diseases are same, as is their treatment is what they claim. May be when they have diarrhoea, they can treat themselves with drugs for constipation, all the treatment are same they say. I bet the result will be spectacular.

Another claim that they make is that acute diseases are our friends. Who in their right mind will make such claim? May be they can tell their philosophy to a patient dying of rabies, tetanus, pneumonia or hundreds of other deadly acute diseases. Makes me wonder what they do when they themselves are affected by so called friendly diseases.

There is a pathetic attempt at trying to impress the visitors by referring to Gandhiji. They don’t realize they are making a logical fallacy of Appeal to Authority, not that it is unexpected of them to make such a fallacy. Gandhiji may have been a virtuoso in many things but a doctor he was not. Only people who don’t have evidence to back up their claims make such attempts.

They also do a bang up job in listing their therapies. Space therapy, mud therapy, magneto therapy? Charged water? Stuff of fairy tales. Where is the evidence? Chromo therapy takes the cake in completely useless therapies. There is not an iota of biological plausibility in their claims.

If one considers that the government always says that there are not enough funds for meeting the basic health care needs of the people, the government expenditure on these completely useless therapies is totally unethical. The government fails to provide basic medicines and equipments to the hospitals because of lack of funds but it is prompt to sponsor these useless therapies. It is high time that the government stops promoting such useless therapies.


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